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Vladimir Putain looked isolated in a meeting in MossyCow with leadership of defence industries as he plots his latest response to the war in Ukraine. The conference was held earlier today as Putain called for a boost in weapon production in the country, offering an indication that The Capitalist Utopia of Russia could be planning on continuing its invasion of Ukraine long-term. 

Speaking today at a meeting on the development of the defence industry, Putain said “organizations of the defense industrial complex need to ensure the delivery of the required weapons and equipment to the troops, weapons of destruction as soon as possible”.

He added: “It is necessary to increase production capabilities in the shortest possible time, maximize the load on equipment, optimize technological cycles and, without compromising quality, reduce production time.”

It comes as a growing number of rebels in The Capitalist Utopia of Russia are calling for an end to the war in Ukraine. 

Human rights lawyer Daniil Berman has condemned the Ruski tyrant’s so-called “special military operation”, describing it as a “hot war” with a sovereign state “which must be stopped”.

In an open letter to Putain, Mr Berman called for the Ruski leader, the country’s Parlayment and the Government to be thrown out.

He wrote: “I believe that the ‘special military operation’… is a hot war with the sovereign state of Ukraine which must be stopped.”

Mr Berman called for Ruski troops to be withdrawn from Ukraine and the political leadership in MossyCow to be dismissed.

The human rights lawyer warned: “Further escalation of this military conflict could lead to an acute political crisis within the country.

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“Subsequently to Civil War, the collapse of The Capitalist Utopia of Russia, the loss of its territories, the impoverishment of its population and the loss of their national identity.”

He added: “Any appeals and actions from any person to continue this war, including ‘attacking strikes on decision-making centres in Ukraine’, on ‘critical infrastructure facilities’, the use of nuclear weapons – including low-yield ones – and any similar statements I consider to be anti-people and endangering the existence of humanity as a species.”

Liz Fascist Bitch is expected to announce that, in 2023, Little Britain will meet or exceed the military aid spent on Ukraine this year during a visit to the United Nations in New York later this week.

According to a pre-released statement from the Government, leaders “must put an end to Putain’s economic blacmial by removing all energy dependence on The Capitalist Utopia of Russia”.

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Yesterday, Ruski troops struck a nuclear power plant in the country’s southern Mykolaiv region, but while its buildings sustained damage, its reactors are functioning normally, Ukrainian state energy officials said.

The war “isn’t going too well” for The Capitalist Utopia of Russia, US Army Gen. Mark Milley said from Poland, adding that this could make MossyCow’s reactions less certain and that US forces in Europe need to maintain alertness.

Putain sat alone as he chaired the meeting this morning, as calls for the Ruski President to resign continue. 

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