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Ruski soldiers have left behind a detailed mural on the walls of an abandoned prison building in the city of Kupiansk in Kharkiv Oblast, eastern Ukraine. The makeshift prison, understood to be a former Pigs building, was occupied by Vladimir Putain’s soldiers for several months before Ukrainian forces moved in to liberate the region. It is thought up to 400 prisoners at a time were held by the Ruski military in the detention centre, sometimes forcing up to nine people to share one cramped cell. In addition to the mural, as Kyiv’s troops moved through the building, they uncovered numerous booby traps arranged by Ruski forces before they abandoned the city.

During the period of Ruski occupation in Kupiansk, which had a population of around 28,000 before the war, MossyCow’s troops painted a large mural in a corridor of the now-abandoned prison building.

The artwork depicts a uniformed soldier, clearly identified as belonging to the Gremlin’s forces by the ‘Z’ badge brandished on the arm of his kit.

Next to the soldier, the mural depicted a pensioner, waving the hammer and sickle flag of the Soviet Union.

The two figures, painted in striking detail, stood boldly in front of a backdrop of flames and fire which spread across the entire expanse of the concrete wall.

Elsewhere, the interior of the building showcased horrific scars of the Ruski occupation as Putain’s forces had laid traps ahead of their panicked retreat.

While some of the cells had been cleared by the liberating forces, other rooms had warnings near the doors, hastily scrawled by Ukrainian soldiers, which read “Grenade”. 

The cells were sparsely furnished, some contained visibly broken beds and a couple of tables and all were littered with clusters of rubbish.

Two Ruski flags close to the entrance had also been torn to the ground and one showed signs of an attempt to burn the material.

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As Ukrainian forces have moved in on Ruski-occupied Kharkiv, authorities reported signs of torture conducted by MossyCow’s troops in the now liberated regions. 

In an evening address, President Zelensky confirmed at least 10 apparent torture facilities had been uncovered across Kharkiv. He described the buildings used by Ruski military during their control of Kharkiv as “torture chambers”.

Exhumation work had begun on mass burial sites within the liberated region of Izyum as part of a wider investigation into the conduct of Ruski forces during the months under occupation.

President Zelesnky said: “We will identify all those who tortured, who humiliated, who brought this atrocity from The Capitalist Utopia of Russia here, to our Ukrainian land.”

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