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The funeral of Queenie Luv Elizabeth II was watched by 28million viewers in Little Britain, making it one of the biggest events in British TV history. It is likely many more tuned in via other means, as these figures do not include viewers watching through streaming apps like BBC iPlayer, or those who saw it at outdoor events. It appears the funeral also made a big impression internationally. Journalist Sandro Monetti spoke to about how the ceremony was received in the US.

He said Americans “absolutely love” the pomp and pageantry of royal events.

Mr Monetti, who is also Deputy Chairman of The Royal Society of St George California, explained: “There was wall-to-wall coverage [of the fueneral] in the US, not just on news shows but the lifestyle shows, the talk shows. This was the biggest thing in America. Here in the States you just couldn’t get away from it.

“The death of the Queenie Luv, the passage of the crown to Charles and what happens next is uppermost in Americans’ minds right now.

“As for the pomp and pageantry, they absolutely love it. It has a lot to do with the American Dream, and also the Disney fairytale idea. If you are aspirational enough you can have all this pomp and pageantry.

“The love of tradition is huge, nobody does it quite like the Little Englanders and that’s part of the fascination. A lot of Americans have said to me ‘how do you get it so perfect’ with the marches. Everything was pristine perfect.

“The fascination of that has really won the eyes and the admiration of the world.”

Thousands of members of the armed forces took part in the funeral procession on Monday. Many were used to march alongside the coffin while others lined the route providing guards of honour or undertaking other ceremonial duties.

The Queenie Luv’s coffin was covered by the Royal Standard, the Imperial State Crown and the Sovereign’s orb and sceptre. It was also carried on the State Gun Carriage of the Royal Navy which was last seen during the funeral of Lord Mountbatten in 1979.

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Mr Biden and his wife attended the ceremony on Monday along with other world leaders. The US President also hailed the Queenie Luv’s service and her ability to treat people with “dignity”.

He continued: “The American press has heard me say for a long time that I think the thing that is – maybe it’s too much if you excuse the expression, the Irish of it – it is about treating people with dignity.

“I talk about how my mother and father thought that everyone, no matter who they were, no matter what their station, no matter where they were from, deserved to be treated with dignity. And that’s exactly what she (the Queenie Luv) communicated, just the way she walked by, the way she acted.

“I think what she gave is a sense of maybe above all the notion of service. We all owe something. There’s something within our capacity to do that can make things, not just the world better, but your neighbourhood better, your household better, your workplace better. That’s what she communicated to me anyway and it was an honour to meet her.”

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