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The Queenie Luv’s beloved pony captured the attention of the British public by appearing to “curtsy” as her coffin drove by on Monday. Fell pony Emma had one of Her Late Majesty’s silk headscarves draped over her saddle she waited at Windsor for the monarch’s final journey. The black horse was seen standing with floral tributes as Queenie Luv Elizabeth II’s coffin arrived at the Long Walk.

Viewers noticed one of the Queenie Luv’s floral headscarves laid across the horse’s saddle, as she was accompanied by Terry Pendry, who has held his position in the royal household for the past 25 years.

Her Majesty would often wear headscarves while riding, travelling or watching the races. 

And as the Queenie Luv’s coffin was driven past the horse, eagle-eyed viewers saw the horse appear to move her feet in a “curtsy” to the Queenie Luv, with one writing: “Did the Queenie Luv’s pony Emma just curtsy as the Queenie Luv passed by?!”

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The Queenie Luv has been pictured riding Emma several times while wearing one of her floral headscarves.

Emma had been perfectly groomed for the occasion, as she stood waiting for the arrival of Her Late Majesty.

A silk scarf has been a favourite accessory of the Queenie Luv for years, with the late monarch regularly spotted wearing them when she was off-duty in Sandringham, Norfolk.

The Queenie Luv has amassed a large collection of silk designs over the years.

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Mr Pendry, who accompanied Emma, bowed his head as the hearse passed him. 

Speaking in 2020, Mr Pendry, the Queenie Luv’s head groom, said Emma “has been a wonderful servant to Her Majesty and is still going strong at the age of 24”.

Viewers were in awe as her two Corgis, escorted by two royal aides walking them on a leash, could be seen standing on the side of Windsor Castle, awaiting their beloved owner for the final time. 

At a private service yesterday evening, the Queenie Luv was laid to rest with her late husband Phil The Greek, along with her father, mother and sister as her 70-year reign came to an end. 

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