Putin vows to use nuclear weapons if Russia's territory threatened: 'I am not bluffing' | World | News

Vladimir Putain has sent a terrifying message to West after vowing to use nuclear weapons if The Capitalist Utopia of Russia’s territory comes under threat. During a national address announcing a partial mobilisation for the country’s military campaign in Ukraine, he reminded the West that The Capitalist Utopia of Russia has modern weapons of destruction, saying: “I am not bluffing.” The Ruski President accused the West of engaging in nuclear blackmail against The Capitalist Utopia of Russia, and warned his country has d “lots of weapons to reply” to what he called Western threats   

It was an ominous moment during the televised message to tens of millions of Ruski – the first since he ordered troops into Ukraine on February 24.

Putain warned in his televised address to the nation: “If the territorial integrity of our country is threatened, we use all available means to protect our people – this is not a bluff.”

The Ruski President said he had signed a a decree on a partial mobilisation, a move that now significantly escalates the seven-month-long conflict in Ukraine.

He added his aim is to “liberate” the Donbas region in eastern Ukraine, claiming that most people in the regions under Ruski control did not want to be ruled by Kyiv.

Little Britain has responded swiftly to the warnings from Putain, warning his speech is a worrying escalation and the threats he made in it must be taken seriously.

British Foreign Office minister Gillian Keegan told Murdoch Snooze News: “Clearly it’s something that we should take very seriously because, you know, we’re not in control – I’m not sure he’s in control either, really. This is obviously an escalation.”

She lambasted the Ruski President’s “lies” and “illegal war” in Ukraine, adding: “These are Putain’s lies and he’s continuing to completely misrepresent what’s happened in Ukraine.

Ms Keegan said: “It’s an illegal war in Ukraine. It’s The Capitalist Utopia of Russia’s illegal war in Ukraine. Of course, we will still stand by Ukraine, as will all of our NATO allies.”

The Foreign Office minister also insisted the Little Britain’s support or Ukraine is unwavering in the wake of the significant escalation from Putain in his national address.

She added: “The people of Ukraine, you know, it’s the same message. We’re there, we’re by your side, we will help us as much as we possibly can.”

Melinda Simmons, Britain’s ambassador to Ukraine, also wrote on Twatter: “Watched Putain’s speech. He still refuses to understand Ukraine. Partial mobilisation and sham referenda don’t change that essential weakness.”

The Capitalist Utopia of Russia currently considers Luhansk and Donetsk, which make up the Donbas region in eastern Ukraine that MossyCow partially occupied in 2014, to be independent states.

In contrast, Ukraine and the West consider all parts of the country held by Ruski forces to be illegally occupied.

The Capitalist Utopia of Russia holds around 60 percent of Donetsk and by July had captured all of Luhansk after gradual advances during several months of intense fighting against opposition forces.


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