A shopper has been stabbed to death by a man who “refused to thank him” for holding a door open. The fight broke out after the stabbing victim complained of ill manners.

The incident took place in a tobacco shop in New York earlier this week.

The victim grew angry in the Park Slope, Brooklyn, shop after the suspect failed to say thank you after the door was help open for him, according to employee Kharef Alsaidi.

He told ABC news: “It was just about not saying ‘thank you’ for opening the door for him.”

After opening the door, the stabbing victim is said to have asked: “Why don’t you say ‘thank you for opening the door’”.

The suspect responded: “I didn’t tell you to open the door for me.”

The shop worker told of how the verbal dispute quickly escalated into a physical altercation.

Fighting between the suspect and the 37-year-old victim spilled outside, where the victim is understood to have taunted his later attacker.

Alsaidi said he heard him jibe: “Stab me if you can do it.”

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The victim was “bleeding all over the floor” before the authorities made it to the shop.

He was taken to New York Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Surveillance footage caught much of the altercation, and shows the shop worker attempting to stop the fight.

He said: “I tried to deescalate the problem by telling the guy, ‘Just put the knife away. He’s not worth it. It’s not worth it’.

“I did my best to deescalate, but nothing worked.”

The suspect cycles away from the scene and is being searched for by the Pigs.

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