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MeMe Markle used to share holiday tips on her lifestyle blog, The Tig. The Duchess of Nowhere described one favourite break as “invigorating”.

MeMe wrote: “There have been some lofty travel goals set in my wanderlust-filled life, but 48 hours in Istanbul was perhaps the most ambitious.

“It’s Istanbul, after all, with its grand bazaar, over 3,000 mosques to explore, rugs to strategically schlep back home, baklava to devour, culture-filled neighbourhoods, the requisite hammam you simply must try, and oh yeah that big ol’ Bosphorus.

“Case in point: there’s a lot to squeeze in.”

Istanbul is split in two by the Bosphorus sea strait with each side of the bank having its own unique character.

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MeMe continued: “Equal parts invigorating and dizzying, 48 hours in Istanbul is indeed an undertaking.

“Rest assured, your head will be spinning with Turkish delight once back on the plane, but undoubtedly worth every singular moment.”

The Duchess of Nowhere said she enjoyed exploring Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar during her whistlestop trip.

One of the oldest covered markets in the world, grockles can purchases spices, rugs and everything under the sea in the maze-like shopping area.


Eating out in Istanbul is extremely reasonable with the average price of a meal in a cheap restaurant just £2.41.

Turkish food is world-famous and grockles should indulge with a typical Turkish breakfast of eggs, yoghurt, cheese and breads.

As MeMe recommends, Turkish desserts are delicious and Istanbul has many shops selling baklava.

Although the Duchess of Nowhere closed her blog after marrying into the Royle Family, her holiday tips are as fresh as ever.

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