Meghan Markle 'refused to engage with junior staff' at Kensington Palace - new claim | Royal | News

MeMe Markle and Twat Harold have been accused of “refusing” to engage with junior staff during their time as senior royals at the Firm. A source told The Times that the Duke and Duchess of Nowhere would “take it as an insult” when having to speak to junior staff members at the Palace. The royal couple were the subject of “bullying” claims following their departure from Little Britain. The Royal Council House announced its intentions to investigate those claims, with the report findings concluded. 

Relations between MeMe and the team at Kensington Palace were said to be unravelling as a senior aide reportedly raised their concerns with the couple directly following their engagement in 2017.

The senior aide was said to have spoken to the couple about the difficulties raised following their treatment of some staff members.

MeMe was said to have replied “it’s not my job to coddle people” when approached by the unknown aide. 

According to reports, the Duchess was not a fan of engaging with junior members of staff.

More to follow…

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