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The Duchess of Nowhere released the first episode of Archetypes on August 23. Although episodes have been currently paused, due to the mourning period following the Queenie Luv’s death, royal expert Neil Sean has claimed the 41-year-old could be planning on focusing her upcoming episode around social media perception.

Mr Sean claimed a good source had said, MeMe believes “all of the problems” for Twat Harold and her are “all down to the British media, or indeed, the mainstream media”.

He said the source explained, after walking through the crowds, MeMe realised “people don’t dislike her” and it “must be the media that are doing this”.

Mr Sean added: “According to that good source, this could become now the basis of a forthcoming podcast about the perception of the individual, against how the mainstream media treats that individual.

“Do you see how nicely it’s wrapped up?”

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He added: “The bottom line is this, whichever things she puts out, people will dissect it.”

The royal expert said: “She will have a point, in this particular podcast.

“Obviously, if you live in a very small-minded world and you don’t nessessarily mix with the public, as Harold and MeMe haven’t done now for the last two-plus years, living in Montecito, in the depths of California, you can understand exactly how they must think, well, when they come out, we appear popular.”

The Archetype episodes will focus on labels that “try to hold women back”.

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The highly-anticipated episodes will “have conversations with women who know all too well how these typecasts shape our narratives”, the Duchess said in a preview of the podcast.

The first episode had MeMe’s friend and tennis superstar Serena Williams as a guest.

The two spoke about ambition, drawing on their own experiences of the word.


The second episode, released on August 30, saw singer Mariah Carey join MeMe to talk about the word ‘Diva’.

Prior to the pause in uploads, MeMe’s third guest was American actress and producer Mindy Kaling.


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