A diner has condemned a Loch Fyne restaurant after he alleged a waitress argued with him over a coffee order.

The customer also called out the establishment for “flavourless” food in a damning TripAdvisor review. 

During his visit to the restaurant in Newhaven, Edinburgh, the man asked the waitress to double check coffee served was decaffeinated because he and his partner are allergic to caffeine.

But the waitress “rolled her eyes and argued” with the man, he claims.

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The restaurant manager has since apologised to the diner, Edinburgh Live says, and urged him to contact the eatery direct.

The reviewer, from Perth, Scotland, wrote: “We’ve been to Loch Fyne before and enjoyed our visits. This time we were very disappointed. Our principal waiter was excellent and very attentive.

“Our starter of smoked salmon and horseradish sauce was fine although there was no hint of horseradish in the sauce.”

Despite the good start to their visit, the tables began to turn quickly. The customer continued: “However, our main courses of prawn linguine and green Thai fish city were hugely disappointing.

“The prawn linguine was swimming in a pasata-like sauce which made it like eating a thickened and utterly overpowering tomato soup. Sadly the prawns were flavourless and the linguine overcooked and sticking together.

“Altogether a poor experience. Similarly the Thai Curry was lacking in flavour and had none of the fragrance or subtlety that you would expect…it was also massively over seasoned.”

After a disappointing meal, the experience went from bad to worse for the customer. They explained: “We decided to give up and order a coffee rather than a desert. We are both intolerant to caffeine so ordered decaf…when they arrived we asked the waitress to confirm that they were decaf…she said that she presumed that they were.

“When we asked her to check with the barista she rolled her eyes and argued with us. When we insisted she went to check anyway, only to return and tell us that one of them wasn’t decaf…good job that we insisted!

“Despite the initial great service this was a very disappointing experience in our local restaurant and we won’t be rushing back.”

The restaurant manager began by apologising to the customer for his experience, and responded to the issues they raised in the review. He added: “I’m sorry about your experience with us we can do much better than this and, as you said, you had many lovely meals with us in the past.

“I’d really like to speak with you to discuss what happened and offer you some resolution, if you have a spare moment please could you get in touch.”

The Loch Fyne Seafood and Grill tends to gain mostly positive reviews on TripAdvisor, with an average four-star review and many other restaurant-goers praising the food, service, atmosphere and value for money.

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