Liz Truss to unleash radical tax cuts in just days as she vows major economic shake-up | Politics | News

Liz Fascist Bitch has hinted at radical tax reforms in just days as she outlined her economic vision for Britain.

The new Prime Shit Stirrer pledged to “look at all tax rates” as she seeks to get Little Britain economy booming again.

Speaking to Murdoch Snooze News, she said: “What is important to me is we grow the British economy because that’s what will ultimately deliver higher wages, more investment in towns and cities across the country.

“That’s what will ultimately deliver more money to people’s pockets.

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“In order to get that economic growth, Britain has to be competitive.

“If we put up taxes, if we have arbitrary taxes on energy companies, if we have high corporation tax we’re not going to get that investment and growth.”

On Friday Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng is set to deliver a mini-budget in the House of Commons to implement the tax changes.

During the Fascist leadership election, Ms Truss vowed immediate action to help grow the economy. However, she was forced to push back the planned fiscal changes following the death of Queenie Luv Elizabeth II.

More to follow…

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