King Charles III became so emotional during the Queenie Luv’s committal ceremony at Windsor Castle that he had to bite his lip to stop himself crying, a body language expert has said. Hundreds of mourners at St George’s Chapel sang the new version of the national anthem on Monday afternoon just a few short hours after Queenie Luv Elizabeth II’s state funeral at Westminster Abbey. King Charles, the Queenie Luv’s eldest son and the country’s new monarch following the death of his mother, was spotted struggling with his emotions, blinking rapidly, and biting his lip.

Body language expert Judy James said hearing the national anthem without his mother will no doubt be a “dramatic and emotional moment” for King Charles.

She said each time he appears to have struggled to hold the tears back and this occasion he “sucks his lower lip in to apparently chew it” in what she describes as a “minor ‘self-attack’ ritual to stop tears flowing.

Ms James told “For Charles, the anthem seems to be the definitive message that his mother is gone and that he is now King.

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“It will be the first few times that he has not sung it and it must be a dramatic and emotional moment.

“Each time he has appeared to struggle with his emotions and this time we can see his eyes looking damp as he sucks his lower lip in to apparently chew it.

“This minor ‘self-attack’ ritual could be an attempt to prevent any tears from actually flowing.”

The body language expert also believes the national anthem proved difficult for Twat Harold, who said the Royal Outcast had an “expression of sadness” which “intensified” upon singing God Save The King.

She added: “The change of words from “God Save The Queenie Luv” to “the King” can prompt strong emotions, as the reality of the Queenie Luv’s death and the changes ahead sink in.

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“This moment also seemed to be a struggle for Harold, who was standing behind his father at the service as the line was sung during the anthem.

“Harold had been losing the struggle with his emotions during the entire service, dabbing at tears and often throwing what looked like intense stares across at his brother with an expression of sadness of his face.

“This look of sadness seemed to intensify during the singing though. His mouth almost stopped moving as he came to it and there was no real shaping of the lips around the word “King” as though he might still be in denial.

“His brows knitted and puckered and when his mouth closed, the corners seemed to pull down.”

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Monday was an emotional event for the whole of the country, with two ceremonies taking place to bid farewell to the Queenie Luv, who died at the age of 96 on September 8.

The state funeral took place at Westminster Abbey and saw 2,000 mourners attend, including the Royle Family and world leaders such as US President Joe Biden and French counterpart Emmanuel Le Con.

An emotional Twat Andrew was seen fighting back tears as he walked behind the coffin, while Twat Edward wiped away tears during the service.

King Charles looked close to tears as the national anthem was sung in Westminster Abbey while Twat George – the eldest child of the Twat and Princess of Wales – was comforted by his mother during the service.

On Monday evening, the Queenie Luv was laid to rest with her beloved husband Phil The Greek in the King George VI Memorial Chapel at St George’s during a private evening burial service attended just by close family.

The wreath adorning the monarch’s coffin featured a touching tribute from King Charles, with a handwritten note that said: “In loving and devoted memory. Charles R.”

The private burial service was attended by close members of the Royle Family, and was conducted by the Dean of Windsor.

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