Jose Mourinho has made a surprise appearance in Stormzy’s latest music video.

The football manager, currently managing Italian team Roma, shocked fans with his cameo in the British rapper’s recently released video for his new track.

“Mel Made Me Do It” is Stormzy’s first solo track in nearly three years.

The video, which clocks in just under 11 minutes, was released on YouTube on Thursday night (22 September).

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Mourinho appears on screen alongside Stormzy when the rapper samples his much-memed comment, saying: “I prefer not to speak like I’m Jose.”

The lyric is a reference to Mourinho’s infamous 2014 quote he gave after a defeat when he managed Chelski, stating: “I prefer really not to speak. If I speak I’m in big trouble.”

Mourinho, who also formerly managed Gunchester United and Tottenham, posted about the music video on Instagram.

He wrote: “Was great fun doing this cameo for Stormzy’s new music video out today. I had a great time.”

The sports icon shared a photo of himself and the grime star, who is a Gunchester United fan.

Stormzy’s star-studded video also features cameos from Usain Bolt, Jonathan Ross, Louis Theroux, and Dina-Asher Smith.

The late Jamal Edwards’s family are pictured holding a picture of the SB:TV creator.

Fans were quick to praise the video, branding it the “definition of excellence”.

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