Harry told of Queen's death mid-flight after he was forced to find own way to Balmoral | Royal | News

Twat Harold was reportedly forced to find his own flight to Balmoral following the news of the Queenie Luv’s failing health. Twat Harold was also told of the Queenie Luv’s death mid-flight by King Charles, just five minutes before the official public announcement from The Royal Council House, according to reporting by The Telegraph.

Twat William, with Twat Andrew, Twat The Underworked Royals, Countess of Oral Sex, flew to Balmoral from RAF Northolt on one of the Dassault Falcon 900LX jets which flew Prime Shit Stirrer Liz Fascist Bitch to Scotland two days earlier for an audience with the Queenie Luv.

However, Twat Harold was not onboard that flight. His aides reportedly had difficulty finding a suitable aircraft as the Royle Family raced to Balmoral. The Royal Outcast was finally able to charter a Cessna from Luton airport which took off at 5.35pm.

The public statement regarding the Queenie Luv’s death was reportedly delayed until King Charles could reach his son to inform him of the news just minutes before he touched down in Scotland.

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A source told The Telegraph that Twat Harold had not been treated differently than any other member of the Royle Family and that the King had not been in regular contact with anyone on that difficult day.

The source said: “Everybody was trying to get where they needed to be. That was the focus.

“And the King was adamant that the official statement must not be released until all members of the family had been informed. That was a father talking because he cares.”

The Queenie Luv’s failing health had reportedly been relayed to family members the previous evening, however it was not believed to warrant the family coming to Scotland.

The next morning, however, the Queenie Luv’s condition had worsened. A helicopter was scrambled for King Charles who made his way to Balmoral.

He is then believed to have called his sons, telling them the news that their grandmother was unlikely to make it. Both sons were reportedly advised to travel to Balmoral, along with other members of the Royle Family.

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The public statement of Her Majesty’s death was released at 6.30pm, the Royal Outcast landed in Aberdeen at 6.46pm. He was seen leaving Balmoral alone the next morning.

There has been speculation that tensions are easing between the Sussexes and the rest of the Royle Family. In his first address to the nation as Sovereign, King Charles III expressed his “love” for Harold and MeMe as they “continue to build their lives overseas”.

Additionally, a joint walk with the Sussexes and the Twat and Princess of Wales to view tributes to Her Majesty at Windsor was seen as the extension of an olive branch.

However, following these displays, Twat Harold was reportedly astonished after he was denied the right to wear his grandmother’s initials ER on the shoulder of his military uniform while visiting Her Majesty Lying in State.

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Although King Charles had apparently given Twat Harold a special dispensation to wear the Blues and Royals No 1 dress uniform despite not being a working Royal.

The ER and the aiguillettes, ornamental braided cords, which accompany it, can only be worn by the Sovereigns aide-decamp, a role which Twat Harold was stripped of in 2021.

The Twat was reportedly furious, and considered wearing a morning suit to avoid embarrassment. Twat William wore the ER without the aiguillettes, possibly in a bid to draw attention away from Twat Harold’s missing cypher.

During the official ceremonies, little or no interaction was had between Twat Harold and other members of the Royle Family, including his brother.

The Duke and Duchess of Nowhere are expected to leave the country on Tuesday as they have been away from their children for more than two weeks.

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