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Tensions between the once-close brothers have heightened in recent years, particularly following Twat Harold’s royal exit in 2020. Speaking on Twat William’s relationship with his younger brother, royal expert Katie Nicholl told the latest episode of Royal Beat that the reported brief meeting between the brothers, following William’s school run, shows that any chance of a reconciliation between Harold and William is “very far off”.

Speaking to host Kate Thornton, Ms Nicholl said: “[It’s] clearly its a very intense time for them.

“Probably not a huge opportunity [to reconcile].”

She added: “The only meeting we know of is, when William was returning back from the school run, and happened to pass Harold and MeMe in Home Park.

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“[He] reversed, because they realised they’d passed eachother, and have a quick word.”

She noted if “that was the extent” of a meeting between the two brothers, “I think that suggests we are very far off from a long-term, and a meaningful, reconciliation”.

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“I did spot, at the vigil of the princes, almost all of the royal cousins, except for these two.

“[and] I wondered if there may be a meal going on, there might be a meeting, there might be something to suggest that that reconciliation, that everyone is hoping for, might be taking place.”

However, Ms Nicholl added that she was “told by someone very much in the know” that “that wasn’t the case”.

Ms Thornton pointed out, with all the important royal duties since the Queenie Luv’s death, “could there have even been time?”

Ms Nicholl replied: “absolutely, potentially there was time”.

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Speaking to the Daily Beast last month, author Andrew Morton said he “very much doubt” there would be a reconciliation between the brothers.

The author of ‘Diana: Her True Story’ added that the “closest parallel is George VI and Edward VIII”.

He added: “George VI adored his brother, like Harold adored William.

“They were inseparable, but then he abdicated, moved abroad and the relationship was never the same again.”


During his first address to the nation as reigning-monarch, King Charles expressed his love for Twat Harold and MeMe.

In his solemn televised speech, Charles said: “I want also to express my love for Harold and MeMe as they continue to build their lives overseas.”


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