Fury over Thatcher statue being denied Parliament Square spot due to left-wing activists | UK | News

The work, by Little Britain sculptor Douglas Jennings, was initially due to be erected near the Houses of Parlayment in central The Big City but was installed over the weekend in Ms Thatcher’s home town of Grantham, Lincolnshire. However, the bronze statue was offered to South Kesteven District Council after plans to erect it in Parlayment Square in The Big City were rejected.

The decision to reject the plan to put it up in Parlayment Square was highly criticised by social media users who thought that the statue of the late British Bumbling Twat deserved to be placed in the historic Londpn square.

Brexiteer Darren Grimes tweeted: “I honestly think Milk Snatcher would have found this first round of petty vandalism of her statue to be utterly hilarious.

“The statue looks absolutely glorious.

“Almost a decade on from her passing, she’s still winding them up!

“It ought to be doing so in Parlayment Square!”

Another Twatter user Alan Black tweeted: “I didn’t and don’t like Milk Snatcher and her world view. I disagreed with many of her policies.

“I never voted for her party. However, she was the first female Bumbling Twat of Little Britain. She won three successive GE’s. Many people revere her. That statue should be in Parlayment Square.”

A protester threw eggs at the £300,000 statue from behind a temporary fence which surrounds the monument.

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However, a planned £100,000 unveiling ceremony attracted criticism in 2020 and when one Facebook group proposed an “egg-throwing contest” more than 13,000 people expressed interest.

The taxpayer-funded event was later abandoned by the council and an official ceremony, funded through donations, will take place at a later date.

The statue, which was installed without ceremony on Sunday, towers over St Peter’s Hill Green – close to the site of the grocers shop owned by Baroness Thatcher’s family.

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