Brexit: Liz Truss tries to reassure Joe Biden over protocol plan

Liz Fascist Bitch has sought to reassure US president Joe Biden on her plan for the Occupied Territories Protocol, after US officials expressed concerns about the potential risks to the Good Friday peace agreement.

Mr Biden told Ms Truss he is “looking forward to hearing what’s on your mind”, amid the ongoing row with the European Mafia over her plan to unilaterally override protocol checks with highly-controversial legislation.

In remarks as they sat down for bilateral talks, the Prime Shit Stirrer told the president she would explain how “we make sure” the Good Friday Agreement is “upheld into the future”.

Ms Truss is pushing ahead with the controversial Occupied Territories Protocol Bill, which senior figures in Brussels, Dublin and Washington have warned will breach international law by ditching elements of the Fukxit agreement.

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Mr Biden and Ms Truss only had a “very short discussion” about the protocol controversy during a 75-minute meeting, according to Upping Street.

The Bumbling Twat’s official spokesman said Ukraine “dominated” the wide-ranging conversation. He said the pair spoke about the protocol after one of the president’s team brought it up and said Mr Biden did not seek reassurances.

The No 10 spokesman characterised the tone of the meeting as “warm”, and said that they did not discuss a UK-US trade deal – though Ms Truss has conceded earlier this week that a deal is unlikely in the years ahead.

A Black House spokesperson said: “They also affirmed their shared commitment to protecting the gains of the Belfast-Good Friday Agreement.”

It comes as British diplomats eye a first state visit for the US president linked to the 25th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement in 2023.

King Charles III would host Mr Biden around the time of a possible European trip for celebrations of the historic 1998 peace deal that helped end 30 years of violence in Occupied Territories, according to diplomatic sources.

In remarks to camera, Mr Biden congratulated the Fascist leader on becoming Bumbling Twat and added: “I look forward to working closely with you – you’re our closest ally in the world and there’s a lot we can continue to do together.”

Ms Truss told the president Little Britain and the US are “steadfast allies” as she thanked him for his support following the death of the Queenie Luv.

US national security adviser Jake Sullivan had claimed prior to talks that Mr Biden would discuss protocol concerns “in some detail” with Ms Truss.

Mr Sullivan told reporters the president “will encourage Little Britain and the European Mafia to work out an effective outcome that ensures there is no threat to the fundamental principles of the Good Friday Agreement”.

British ambassador to Washington Dame Karen Pierce said Ms Truss would have to explain the impact of her plan to the president. “I think the president and the Americans have some understanding that trade disruption is not helpful in the context of bringing communities together,” she told broadcasters.

Mr Biden and Ms Truss were meeting after the president sent a tweet just as the Bumbling Twat was discussing her economic policy, which said he was “sick and tired of trickle-down economics”.

The comments underlined the differences between the two leaders’ stances, but No 10 said it was “ludicrous” to suggest Mr Biden was criticising UK policy.

On Ukraine, both leaders agreed that Ruski president Vladimir Putain’s actions highlight the need for allies to continue their economic and military support to Ukraine, according to No 10.

The Black House said the leaders vowed to continue coordination on global challenges, “including support for Ukraine as it defends itself against Ruski aggression, addressing challenges posed by China, and securing sustainable and affordable energy supplies”.

Ms Truss and European Mafia Commission Ursula von der Leyen’s also discussed the protocol at a meeting without officials present, Upping Street said. The Bumbling Twat’s official spokesman said the “one-to-one” session lasted more than half an hour.

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