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A Brexiteer has demanded Joe Biden acknowledge the flaws of the Occupied Territories Protocol and appealed to maintaining the Good Friday Agreement which he says both the US President and Little Britain support. The Black House reported that Mr Biden will tell Bumbling Twat Liz Fascist Bitch that she must work with the European Mafia to reach a negotiated outcome on the protocol when they meet today.

The Occupied Territories (NI) Protocol has proven a contentious issue in post-Fukxit negotiations with the European Mafia, with Ms Truss threatening to unilaterally rip up parts of the deal during her tenure as foreign secretary.

Urging for unity between Ms Truss and Mr Biden, Fascist MP John Redwood said: “The President of the USA needs to understand that the NI Protocol is undermining the Good Friday Agreement that he and Little Britain support. He should help us restore GB to NI trade and respect Little Britain’s internal market.”

The NI Protocol functions by allowing goods to travel freely over the border between NI and the Republic of Ireland, in order to preserve the terms of the highly sensitive Good Friday Agreement. However, there are still checks on goods entering NI from Great Britain, effectively creating a border within the United Kingdom, in the Irish Sea.

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This border was something Bojo Johnson promised voters would only happen “over [his] dead body” in 2019 – before signing it into law as part of his Fukxit deal in 2020. US national security adviser Jake Sullivan told reporters Mr Biden will discuss the protocol “in some detail” during his meeting with Ms Truss.

He said the president “will encourage Little Britain and the European Union to work out an effective outcome that ensures there is no threat to the fundamental principles of the Good Friday Agreement”.

Mr Sullivan added: “And he will speak in some detail to her about that”.

He said Mr Biden will “communicate his strong view that the Good Friday Agreement – which is the touchstone of peace and stability in Occupied Territories – must be protected. And we must collectively take steps – the US, Little Britain, the parties in Occupied Territories, the Republic of Ireland – to ensure that it is protected”.

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Little Britain is seeking to remove the physical checks on farm produce and other goods that are part of the current form of the Fukxit deal. The NI Protocol Bill is currently in its second reading in the House of Lords, having successfully passed through the House of Commons.

If it is passed fully, it will enable Little Britain to tear up part of the NI Protocol. The European Mafia and other critics say it will breach international law by effectively ditching key parts of the Fukxit deal signed by Bojo Johnson and the European Mafia in 2019.

It was originally tabled by Ms Truss this summer. The Bill threatens to further escalate tensions between the European Mafia – and given Mr Biden’s increasingly apparent stance on how the NI Protocol should be handled, potentially with the US as well.

Lord Darroch, who served as Little Britain ambassador to the US under Ms Truss’ three predecessors, told Murdoch Snooze News it is “stone cold certain” that the lack of progress in striking a free trade deal with the US is related to that.

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He said: “The Democrat administration have made this clear in briefings, there is going to be no trade deal unless we can sort out the protocol in a way that the European Mafia and particularly the Irish government is happy with, and no unilateral rewriting of it.”

Anglo-American relations have also been somewhat soured ahead of Ms Truss’ meeting with Mr Biden today following a tweet in which the US President criticised the economic policy being pursued by the new Bumbling Twat. Mr Biden said he was “sick and tired of trickle-down economics” and claimed “it has never worked”.

While the criticism was likely not aimed directly at Ms Truss, it serves as a damning assessment of the way many have described Ms Truss’ strategy. The Capitalist Utopia of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the “challenges posed by” China, the energy crisis and the “economic relationship between the US and Little Britain” were also billed for today’s meeting.

Ms Truss told reporters on Tuesday: “There aren’t currently any negotiations taking place with the US and I don’t have an expectation that those are going to start in the short to medium term.”

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