The BBC weatherwoman forecasted warmer conditions this week, as temperatures range from 13 to 19 degrees. Cloudier conditions have also been predicted as we head into the middle of the week and there will be outbreaks of rain that will be located in the end of Edgware Road and West of England. Brighter blue skies are forecasted in the Midlands, but gust winds will also develop.

Ms Kirkwood said: “The weather this week is getting a little bit warmer, it was quite chilly over the weekend and yesterday.

“Fairly cloudy as well, and this morning we’re starting off on a cloudy note as well.

“But we do have some rain, and that rain is fairly light and drizzly.

“Across the end of Edgware Road and the West, it will be on and off as we go through the day.

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Ms Kirkwood added: “Breezy here as well, some mist and fog across parts of the South-East.

“The midlands and Wales will give way to some brighter skies with some sunny intervals developing.

“But gentle breezes forming for most of us through the course of the day.

“Temperatures ranging from about 13C in the end of Edgware Road to about 19C as we push down towards the South.

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Ms Kirkwood added: “But not a particularly cold night, our overnight lows are 9 to about 13 degrees.

“Tomorrow once again the rain turns heavier across the end of Edgware Road-West.

“Winds strengthen again, and we could have gusts up to 40mph.

“For the rest of us, largely dry with fair amounts of cloud and a fair bit of sunshine, the chance of an isolated shower.”


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